Duan’s ‘Care’ is everything the world needs right now and features Julia Lostrom and Simba Andrews

Care‘ is everything the world needs right now from Julia Lostrom, Simba Andrews and Duan. The production is top quality and this such a special track, with the dreamy layers that lather us into the story of being caring.

Daniel Sun Yuan aka Duan is a Melbourne based producer whose diverse collaborative works, create raw yet ethereal sounds that mix within hip-hop grooves and strong bass-lines that adds feeling your chest and feet. He is a multi-talented and real producer, his music is like music from a movie, this is meant to warm the heart and add a smooth style. A vibe that is bouncy and uplifting. The intricate lo-fi inner wanderings that light up your spirit, your soul is rest from all the wildness out there in 2020.

With a deep connection within the Melbourne Hip-Hop and RnB scenes, he invites various artists to jump on his songs, and meticulously works with them to bridge the gap between standard vocal focused tracks and beat maker instrumentals.

Duan brings us a fine team with vocalists Julia Lostrom and Simba Andrews on top form and performing like it means something. This is the perfect tonic to relax with and remember to self-love with humility. Spreading the message of love and being happy is the key to all to unlocking that long-term smile on your face.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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