Drunk Valentine: The Intoxicatingly Alchemic Latest single from Franklin Gotham

It’s dreamy, it’s melodic, it’s feverishly sweet and it may very will be my new favourite Folk inspired single. Franklin Gotham is the aural child of three sensational artists with a gloriously archaic sentimentality. Their inventive experimentation of instruments and arrangements create a blissfully jangly and ethereal sentimentality in contrast to the lyrics which, lets be honest, they’re ironically sobering. The Johnny Marr influence to the sonically rhythmic guitar is more than palpable, pair that with the 80’s inspired Synth and the melodies are as tight as they come. The squeaky clean polish over the production of this track is just the cherry on the cake.

Their glorious style may not to be everyone’s taste, but when was the last time you heard a stellar track that played it safe? Incorporating elements of Americana, Folk Rock, Indie and Polished Pop, Drunk Valentine serves up a smorgasbord of contrasting yet complimentary sounds to create a sound that could only be described as prodigally progressive.

Head on over to SoundCloud to check out Franklin Gotham’s latest single Drunk Valentine now. Fans of Dropkick Murphy’s, Dresden Dolls, or Mumford and Sons are going to be in heaven with this track.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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