Driving Miss Mansfield

What do you do when your best friend decides to move to the other side of the country to be with her man. Well, you arrange a cross continental road trip and then try to condense that adventure down into a four minute pop song. That’s what Jersey Shore artist Karen Mansfield did anyway and not only did she manage to condense the essence of that epic road trip into a country-pop song, she condensed it down into a brilliant country-pop song. Me and Leslie is the story of that Thelma and Louise like trip, though as far as we know it didn’t end in quite such tragic circumstances and what is left is a wonderful celebration of friendship, fun, road trips and reflecting on the past.

As tunes go it is a fantastic bit of work, a jaunty, roots tune sparkling with addictive pop poise and driven by just enough rock muscle, the result being an infectious tune that sits in a lot of musical camps and which will even find fans with those not normally that in to their music. Such is its power of attraction. And it is fitting that a song written about a road trip is also the perfect song to blast out of the car stereo as you follow in their tyre tracks and head down the highway.

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