Driscoe Struggles With The Age Old Questions

Driscoe seems to have a lot on his mind. Is love the way forward? Is lust all you need? Temporary pleasure or sheer bliss as he so eloquently puts it. It’s a real breath of fresh air compared to the usual macho, narrow minded and often misogynistic spiel that normally comes out of the urban musical mindset. Instead this is a man musing on how he wants to live his life, what best suits his needs and if the single life is giving him everything he needs. The age old dilemma for the young buck.

Lust to Love is a real groover for sure, a mix of chilled late night vibes and slow and sultry dance floor energy, as suitable for the final hours of the club as it is for an evening at home. Casual choruses share space with more direct rap deliveries, the beats are solid, the flow of the song wanders through interesting dynamic shifts and underneath is a fluid musical wash which emanates both warmth and cool at the same time, which is great trick if you can pull it off. Driscoe does so with room to spare.

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