Dreamy Modernism entwines with country roots in Kimberly Atwood’s latest single, ABY (Anything But You)

Kimberly Atwood

Kimberly Atwood brought a touch of dreamy modernism to her country roots in the effortlessly arrestive single, ABY (Anything But You), which explores our innate human inability to forget the people that became the centre of our gravity before leaving us listless and directionless.

There’s no void quite like it, and that’s exactly what Kimberly Atwood poignantly articulates in ABY through the lyrics, “I’ve never had a problem forgetting anything but you”.  Atwood’s fearlessness when it comes to vulnerability and humility is simply stunning to witness. Notably, Nashville has a new icon in the making in its midst. If you pride yourself on keeping your finger on the alt-country pulse, make room on your radar.

Check out Kimberly Atwood via her official website, on Bandcamp or Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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