Drayn’s Electronica-Heavy Urban Indie New Release

Drayn have just dropped their debut album Storybook, the verdict? The Denver based duo have created the ultimate collection of uniquely organic, sweet urban Indie soundscapes which seem to defy every genre label known to man. Slapping a label on their sound almost feels like an insult, so instead, I’ll tell you that you can expect some electronically tampered melodic rhythm with the perfect amount of Trap attitude to make sure the concepts behind their prodigal project really resonate. When it comes to the lyrics, there’s equal amounts of ingenuity as there is soul.

Each one of the tracks on Drayn’s first album flows with its own momentum, yet the one which really caught my attention was Hypnotize, which was true to the title and carried hypnotic waves of resonance which swelled over the mix to create a mid-tempo, uplifting harmony. Hypnotize gives a visceral indication to Drayn’s playful, inventive style. The track’s production is relatively Lo Fi, yet this just serves to make the overall effect of Hypnotize a little more accessible.

You can check out Drayn’s track Hypnotize for yourselves by heading over to Spotify where you can also find his 18 track album Storybook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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