Drainbows – Sunday Driver: Psychedelically Primal Alt Rock

14 Virgins by DRAINBOWS

At this point, you’ve probably grown accustomed to hearing psychedelia in Rock, but what you won’t have had chance to familiarise yourselves with is those wavy rhythms being incorporated into electronically-driven Alt Rock.

If you could imagine the sounds of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club weaved around primal global beats in a swampy mix of electronic effect, then you’d get a good idea of what’s on offer from Drainbows’ latest single “Sunday Driver”. The standout single is just one of the tracks from the Vegas-based artist’s album “14 Virgins” which is sure to be of appeal to fans of experimental Alt Rock, such as what you would expect from Saul Williams.

But as much as the ingenuity to Sunday Driver can be appreciated, it’s still easy to feel like the track isn’t all too accessible. Yet, that was always going to be a risk when putting together such a distinctive soundscape.

You can stream and download Sunday Driver along with the rest of Drainbow’s latest album by heading over to Bandcamp now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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