DR3WI Inspires The Music Of Tomorrow With ‘Weightless’

Weightless is a twisting and turning meander through modern chilled dance music. Rather than running along to a constant beat, a set time signature or a conventional template it instead plays with some very progressive dance forms, wandering between punchy club land anthemics, slick and sleek chill-out minimalism, glitchy, futuristic vibes, dynamic builds, soulful grooves and powerful drops.

There is a wonderful exploratory heart beating at its core, and DR3WI seems not content to rest for too long in one place preferring to blur lines, merge genres and do nothing less than create a new form of dance music for a more broad minded, future audience. Why cater to the here and now, the current fashion and the usual set of audience expectations when you can offer people a glimpse of one possible musical tomorrow?

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