Dr Nick – Consolations of Philosophy: The Genius of Socrates Mixed with the Rhythmic Prowess of The Doors

Dr Nick’s latest track Consolations of Philosophy is just what the doctor ordered. A Neo-Psychedelic Rock ensemble that sounds just as sweet as when Jim Morrison defined the scene. There’s no shortage of 60’s Psychedelic revival musicians, but none of them seem to take you on the same trip as this track. Dr Nick doesn’t just scratch the surface with his angelically orchestrated lyrics he plunges deep into the human condition to explore… you guessed it consolations of philosophy. There aren’t many lyricists that could so poignantly capture modern day apathy through such rhythmic prowess. Who knew disdain towards the rest of humanity could sound so sweet wrapped around soaring guitar riffs?

The Newcastle, UK based singer songwriter has been performing for over 5 years in intimate live shows, however it’s definitely time to tell the rest of the world just how sonorously spectacular his sound is! Consolations of Philosophy is just one of the mind blowing, creatively edgy tracks off his debut album ‘Slave to The Beast’.

You can check out the track yourself on YouTube:

Or purchase Nick’s album here:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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