Down In The Dirt: RiAN just wants to play with all the ‘Bees and Bugs’

With effortless energy that is rather natural and care-free, RiAN sings with that smiling-for-days soaked beauty which the world needs more of with ‘Bees and Bugs‘.

RiAN is a Melbourne/Naarm, Australia based indie rock/pop artist, music producer and one half of indie rock duo Me And My Friend.

Taken off the new seven-track ‘Astronaut‘ EP, this is a grounded track that instills that true love soundscape we all need in our lives.

RiAN’s sound is heavily influenced by artists such as; The Beach Boys, Weezer, The Beatles, My Bloody Valentine and Guided By Voices.” ~ RiAN

This is the delightfully grin-filled message of going for that peaceful place that has your cheery exterior – with so much joyful energy flowing through the veins of dreams – that takes you to a jovial ego-free land, which streams heartily into your delighted body. The story of keeping things natural the whole way through is so true, as we try and get away from staring at computers 24/7.

Bees and Bugs‘ from the Australian-based indie rock/pop artist RiAN, is a nostalgic track that could of been made in the 70’s. It is rich in honey-filled calmness and terrific guitar riffs which puts you into a happier place than before. The message is peacefully innocent, bringing us to a happy place that we can be in touch with nature. Life should be simple after all.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see all the news via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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