Double It Up: avi abrams, V Wescott and Marcus stay on point with the winners anthem ‘Living It Up’

Released off the recent well-received eight-track album called ‘A Night Out‘, avi abrams, V Wescott and Marcus rev up the engine hard and head quickly to the top of the clouds above in style with ‘Living It Up‘.

avi abrams, V Wescott and Marcus storm into our lives New York City-style, with a barrage of thumping-down-the door beats that wakes you up real fast, which are also packed full Christmas-stocking-stretched with some confident bars that catches your attention.

Avi Abrams has been producing music for over ten years, channeling both popular and alternative inspirations.” – avi abrams

As a Queens native, Wescott’s sound is certainly a product of his surroundings, but his home is on the stage.” – V Wescott

New Jersey birthed an artist with a keen sense of empathy, felt through his melodic intention. Marcus holds no bars when it comes to his work.” – Marcus

This is the story of smartly brushing away the doubts with a cheeky brush, as you know you need to lose some former friends along the way too. When you start winning – you should always be careful of those who don’t clap for you – as they instead greedily try work out how to bring you down, instead of joining you in the major leagues.

Living It Up‘ from New York artists avi abrams, V Wescott and Marcus, is a bass-heavy statement of intent. They make it known that they are tired of closed-minded fools bringing them down, as they reach for the top and are only taking the self-aware with them. This is an anthem to play when you need motivation to never give up – as your dreams are out there – if you are willing to put the work in.

Stream this hot track via Spotify and check out avi’s IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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