Dot Comet – Garden: The Melodically Sludgy Alt Rock You Need on Your Playlists

Blush by Dot Comet

Whilst there is definitely no shortage of Alt Rock from up and coming artists, there are very few bands with the ability to attack the genre in such a melodically immersive style as Dot Comet.

Their latest single “Garden” carries all of the jangly guitar progressions that you’ve grown to love since first finding an affinity for the punchy notes back in the 90’s. Yet, the five-piece Seattle-based outfit have taken their Indie Alt Rock sound in a completely different direction with their use of sludgy reverb which gives their sound the haunting aura of Shoegaze. As potently concordant as the instrumentals were, what really stood out for me were the quaint vocals from Brannen Graves. His ethereally raw Indie style is incomparable to most.

You can check out Dot Comet’s single Garden yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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