Doruk Doyran ambiently nods to celestial awe in his latest indie composition, Your Love Is Holy

Doruk Doyran’s latest ambient composition, Your Love is Holy, starts akin to a binaural masterpiece before eerie melodies bleed through the lush shimmering reverb that hums across the expanse of the soundscape.

At the 3-minute mark, desert rock, shoegaze, and fiery blues-rock start to artfully collide in the release through searing hot riffs and cavernous echoes before Doruk Doyran begins to build a hypnotic lead guitar rhythm that guides you through the spiritual outro.

I’ve heard my fair share of ambient soundscapes in recent years, none of which had the same gravitas-rich grip as Your Love is Holy. The title certainly isn’t the only nod to celestial awe.

Your Love is Holy is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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