Don’t Like It Out Here: Williamsburg’s Dickie Garcon shows us the life of the lost on ‘Unknowing’

Taken off his latest street-hop mixtape called ‘4th Floor Sessions, Vol 2‘, Dickie Garcon gives us a stark warning about what the world is looking like from his vantage point, on the striking new track ‘Unknowing‘.

Dickie Garcon is a Brooklyn, New York-based emcee/producer and sound engineer. He flows like one of the emerging underground young artists from 90’s — as he opens up the door and raps about how wild life is right now — in this lonely and detour laced world.

He flows with an edgy style, looking around to make sure that its okay to walk outside, his confidence is high personally but he definitely doesn’t trust the world outside, as it is full of harrowing holes and sticky swamps that will suck you inside so quickly.

This is the true story of what its like being young and being so restricted from what should be care-free days, as the pulsating beat has your heart beating a bit extra quick, while you look for an exit from all this madness.

Unknowing‘ from the quality Williamsburg, Brooklyn hip-hop artist Dickie Garcon, leads us vividly us into a mind that is trying to process what things are like in this mask-filled world, from a bad movie that just won’t end. He doesn’t like what he sees out there and looks for better days ahead, with a lighter ready to spark up and to quickly forget about current times.

Stream this new street single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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