Don’t Let Those Moments Pass: Excellent Indiana-born Alt-Rock artist Jordan Brooker urges us to think deeper on ‘Lowlights’

With a true insight into an often fake world that seems so shallow sometimes, Jordan Brooker sings with much gusto about reaching for those stars above to avoid getting sucked into those party highs and ‘Lowlights‘ that can greedily grab hold of your valuable soul forever.

Jordan Brooker is a Spencerville, Indiana-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie Alt-Rock solo artist who was formally known more for his music and songwriting in the Country music scene.

Inspired by artists such as Jimmy Eat World, Soundgarden, Third Eye Blind, and Augustana, his new sound harnesses a certain authenticity true to Jordan Brooker himself and his early beginnings.” ~ Jordan Brooker

Lowlights‘ from the highly talented Nashville-based indie Alt-Rock solo artist Jordan Brooker, is a brilliant track from an artist who has impressively reinvented himself. He sings about a story which is so true – in a world that has has been designed to distract you – as we try and avoid the noise and only do things that are actually meaningful.

Sung with a positive-message feel and filled with his refreshing vocals which has the hairs on your body standing up to attention, this is a worthwhile message to remember about knowing your value and not getting thrown into the vacuum of life.

Hear this wonderful track on Spotify and follow his life on IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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