‘Don’t Fall’ is impressive lo-fi R&B from mother and son combo DE’JAS that’s perfect to chill, study, or relax to

Germany-based duo act DE’JAS have released their new track ‘Don’t Fall’ – a sweetly sung, impressively produced lo-fi R&B track.

Sonics are strong on ‘Don’t Fall’ with producer Jahym pulling off some nicely embroidered Daniel Caesar-style backdrops over his co-artist and mother Denise’s wishful crooning. The whole track helps paint an enjoyable picture of its own writing – and it feels authentic, sad, and, dare I say, extremely sweet? This is kindly complementary to the obvious skill and talent in the vibe the song creates – because it works very well on that front too. 

As a dual effort, ‘Don’t Fall’ does extremely well in showcasing the artistry of the co-named DE’JAS. The track feels strongest at its interplay and the coexistence of the creators, and that’s something that’s not common – at all. Definitely worth putting on if you have anything to chill, study, or relax to. 

You can listen to ‘Don’t Fall’ on DE’JAS’ Spotify page now.

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