Don’t Drink By Yourself: Brooklyn rapper Joe Oxide knows where the party is at on ‘Do Or Die’

As he lets his music do the talking rather than talking a good game like most artists in his field, Joe Oxide urges us to go outside again and find the right party where the fun girls are at on ‘Do Or Die‘.

Joe Oxide is a Manhattan-born, Brooklyn-based indie hip-hop artist. He is a highly motivated underground artist who seems to know what he wants and makes that ride-with-me type of vibe, which is perfect for those late night adventures with your crew.

I’ve always been musically inclined since about 3 years old, I’ve always been playing the piano and listening to all different genres of music.” ~ Joe Oxide

With a go-get-it attitude, we feel the rampaging force of his hardcore flow on the mic as he heats up the fragile speakers. This is the type of man who tells things how it is when it matters, not wasting energy on fake talk. His mind sees what he desires and he manifests the results right before us, with a freestyle-like venom to bite through all foolish haters.

Do Or Die‘ from the Brooklyn-based indie rapper Joe Oxide, has a party night feel that has you gravitating to venturing outside again after being stuck inside for way too long. He raps with a gritty energy which has you dancing and having that wild night which you remember from before, staying away from drinking by yourself and feeling sad. This is an artist who tells us the story of going up to that person who you want to be with, and being so honest that they reciprocate your feelings back. Telling someone how you feel, is the only way to truly know if they feel the same way.

Check out his new track on Soundcloud and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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