DONNY D stays green no matter what the world does on Evergreen

Bringing us the last release to his recent 12-track album Green and Black, DONNY D sounds so focused and ready for the next step on the absolute anthem about staying fresh mentally, despite any battle you may encounter on Evergreen.

DONNY D is a Western Sydney, Australia-based indie hip hop artist who raps with a real confidence and slick flows that shall exhilarate your mindset.

Describes my life as an analogy to that of a plant that is Evergreen. ‘Evergreen’ is defined as a Plant’s ability to remain green all year long, unaffected by different climates and seasons.” ~ DONNY D

With a metaphor to his life to remain alive no matter what challenges are presented, DONNY D shows us that anything is possible if you believe in yourself enough. Praying deeply and practising what he says on the daily, this is an inspiring message to choose to stay alive despite those rough days we all face.

Evergreen from Western Sydney, Australia-based indie hip hop artist DONNY D is one of the most elevated tracks in this genre from this year so far. The raps are pulsating, to say the least. The message is so true and revealing, with a punchy beat that will force you to sit up and alter the volume.

If you stay focused and keep your circle tight, anything you want to gain in life is actually achievable.

Hear this top new track on SoundCloud and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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