DomiDELLA Has Dropped Their Latest Feat of Hard-Hitting Hip Hop “Breadwinner”

Up and coming Hip Hop artist DomiDELLA dropped their latest single “Breadwinner” on November 19th. Fans of lyrically fierce, instrumentally monstrous West Coast-style Rap won’t want to wait around in getting DomiDELLA on their radars for 2020.

Thanks to their artistic ingenuity and lyrical wit, Breadwinner is a track which pulls you in deeper with each hyped high-octane verse. It may incorporate some old school OG Hip Hop elements. But it doesn’t come much fresher than this.

Rappers who put that much energy into their bars aren’t found every day. DomiDELLA is definitely one to watch. With their fiery stylistic beats, ability to wax lyrical, and make each and every word resonate, he’s a triple threat.

You can check out Breadwinner for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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