DØM – Over Me Mast: An Electrically Immersive Indie Anthem

Up and coming indie artist DØM’s latest single Over Me Mast is an immersively electric anthem which pays ode to the traditional styling of Indie, yet the London, UK-based artist’s inclination towards 80’s Electronica gives Over Me Mast an authentically raw euphoric aura. The jangly guitar-driven melodies are complimented by the heavy drops of the EDM Pop beat to create one of the most viscerally piercing instrumental progressions I’ve heard from the Indie Pop arena in a long time. On top of the beat you can expect DØM’s relentlessly rhythmic vocal style which won’t fail to draw you into the magnetism of his mesmerically fresh approach to sound.

You can check out DØM’s third single Over Me Mast for yourselves by heading across to SoundCloud now. You’ll also be in for a treat with his first two singles Sirens and Full of Colour.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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