Doing it her own way: Bel Holiday shows the world her marvelous creation on ‘Mess of a Mind EP’

Returning to grace our souls with her latest 3-track EP, the wonderful Bel Holiday stuns your earlobes with the freshly sweetened ‘Mess of a Mind EP‘.

Bel Holiday is a lusciously-voiced New York-based experimental singer-songwriter, who performs with that introspective but energized spirit, that brings calm and ultimate fascination. With a jazz and rock sound before, she is has created her own genre here with an experience that you can’t place in any box. You feel her presence flying around and exploring so many different styles to find her favorite while making friends on the way, through the exciting journey.

Teaming up with self taught Californian producer Thalo, has proved a masterstroke with the two clearly intertwined remotely into giving the listener a different wonderful soundscape on each track, with the layers giving you an unique feel on this stunning release.

Featuring ‘Mama Mountains‘, ‘I Miss The Mornings‘ and ‘Crunchy‘, we are lifted into a world with a vibrant singer who’s voice is terrifically unique and she feels so free on each single. After feeling that her debut EP ‘Watermelon‘, had her distanced from the creative process despite its success, she has boldly taken charge and you can sense that she is singing at one with the sound, her confidence rising above the tides of the world, as she organically figures out which sound she wants to reflect out to the world.

“It has its imperfections- but knowing that my own sound and creative choices are prevalent within it is liberating beyond belief.”-Bel Holiday

Mess of a Mind EP‘. from New City’s divine talent Bel Holiday, enters our willing realm with carefree abandon and soothes our body back to top form with this sterling effort of upmost magnificence.

Stream the 3-track EP here on Spotify and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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