A Dog Named Bob – Stayin’ Home Tonight: Pioneering Punk Rock


When I first listened to Stayin’ Home Tonight, I thought I was in for a peaceful, acoustic, Indie pacifying rendition of melancholy. The latest track by A Dog Named Bob proved to be anything but.

Their debut track is one for the angsty introverts who have seen the light and realised that staying in isn’t all that bad. Stayin’ Home Tonight has a little bit more bite than your average Pop Punk track. The vocals curtesy of Martin Perez hit through the soundwaves as classic punk, yet the up-beat tempo of the track undeniably has its roots in the bouncier, fresher genre of Pop Punk.

Influences on the Toronto based band include Teenage Bottle Rocket & NOFX, yet their sound translates into one that is far more reminiscent of Neck Deep’s earlier music. The bands other tracks such as Last Punk Girl is also one to check out if heavy Punk Rock is your bag!

You can check out the official lyric video to Stayin’ Home Tonight on YouTube now:


To hear more from A Dog Named Bob, head on over their website where you can treat yourself to some more anarchic sounds, you can grab yourself some merch too!


Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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