Dog Day God showed us the meaning of mellow with his sophomore single, Can’t Take Time

‘Can’t Take Time’ is the sonorous sophomore release from the Columbia, US-hailing indie artist, Dog Day God (AKA Michael Moore), who has broken away from his indie progressive rock band, Halcyon Fields, to douse the airwaves in warm saturated delay and soulfully crooned vocals.

Mellow isn’t usually an adjective easily affixed to emotion-driven music, but Dog Day God made sure his lo-fi single, Can’t Take Time, broke the mould as much as it will break your heart as the lyrics lull you into imbibing in adequately paced introspection.

Stumbling on this intimate feat of indie almost felt like an act of serendipity, but I think everyone can be accused of yearning for an unrealistic frantic pace when anticipating positive change. For anyone in a transitionary time, hit play.

Can’t Take Time is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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