Doc Snipp Allows Garage Rock to Meet Psychobilly with Latest Single “Strada Trans”

There aren’t many contortions of sound that will ever be as raucously filthy, rhythmic and salacious as you will find in Psychobilly soundscapes. And it will always be a damn shame that there’s not more on the airwaves; but thankfully there are artists such as Doc Snipp taking charge of the revival and adding their own contemporary distinction to the sound.

Doc Snipp’s latest single “Strada Trans” pairs the punk energy with plenty of distortion allowing the track to also offer plenty of Garage Rock appeal. While the new generations may not be all too aware of the Psychobilly artists such as Mad Sin, Meteors, Mad Sin, and Tiger Army, it is bands such as Doc Snipp who have the responsibility of ensuring that the indulgence of immersive, greasy, raw Rock n’ Roll doesn’t die.

With their extended track, Doc Snipp created a progressive single, which despite the levels of distortion which bleeds from the guitars is all too easy to slip into and appreciate the clever intricacies of the soundscape. Strada Trans also has a lot to offer vocally; especially if you have soft spot for the eerie magnetism of the likes of Nick Cave & Lux Interior.

You can check out Doc Snipp’s latest single Strada Trans for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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