Do You Remember: The Rising reminisce about those times before the wondering eyes ruined everything on ‘Bruise You Left’

Remembering those beautiful moments that were so memorable before the silly fights started, The Rising wish that that it wasn’t all over but know that its probably best that it ended after all on ‘Bruise You Left‘.

The Rising is a catchy pop/rock/country duo from Northern Ireland who were based in Warwickshire, England, but came back home recently, due to the pressures of this horrific pandemic. They make that lovable music which takes your breath away, their style reminds you of a time when things were so innocent and rather wholesome.

This is the story about being in a long-term relationship and not wanting to hurt each, but you end up doing it anyway. You wanted things to always be peaceful as you love each other so much – however the scars from what happened before – might never heal and stay with you forever.

Her captivating voice is so sweet and enchantingly calming – their wonderful sound reminds you of Nashville – and you get involved in the striking lyrics which are so relevant to so many who know this feeling all too well. They are such a dynamic duo, the class is easily heard and this is such a terrific single to help you get over a past relationship.

Bruise You Left‘ from the lovely Northern Ireland indie country/pop and rock duo The Rising, has you dreaming about those days when you were holding hands with your true love and everything seemed perfect. Then something happened and you went on different paths as you felt that they weren’t into you like before – as things crash landed and you broke up for good – even though the love is still there.

Sometimes life can be so cruel and you feel like you didn’t deserve it, when actually it was a lesson to learn for next time you fall deeply for your true soulmate.

Stream this terrific new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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