Do We Know How Long: Sensational Sydney creative Ash Hendriks looks for that hero on ‘Overdrawn’

After sparkling up our mixed moods like a stunning mermaid sent to help heal the world from all worries on ‘Above Water‘, Ash Hendriks reminds us of her always-evolving greatness with her latest gem called ‘Overdrawn‘.

Ash Hendriks is a beach-loving Sydney, Australia-based indie Electronica-Pop solo singer-songwriter and music producer. She makes the type of music vibrations that has your soul reinvigorated again, after many months of sad slumber.

You feel her simmering light slowly moving onto your hungry heart as her superbly toned voice takes you to a place in time you didn’t know existed. Ash somehow fills your body with enough strength to move beyond the past, and into a new world that takes your gains with too. You sense her angelic-like energies taking you to a better place – that has you soaked in her enchanted ways – which are truly spellbinding and brilliantly projected.

Overdrawn‘ from the elegantly classy Sydney, Australia-based indie Electronica-Pop solo singer-songwriter Ash Hendriks, is that story all about hoping the hero emerges to make everything okay again. With a voice so dreamy you will miss your alarm clock ringing, it turns out she is actually the hero. This is exactly the type of track to lather peacefully in, while you look up to sky to wish for a better tomorrow.

Hear this glorious release that shall break away all tensions on Spotify and see her journey unfold via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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