Djyololife – Th3 cOOL K!Dzzzzz: Pioneeringly Strange Lo Fi Reggaetron Soundscapes


I’m not exactly sure what I listened to, can I get away with just saying it was different? Probably not, but you’d expect that from an Alt Rock artist called Djyololife that named one of his tracks Th3 cOOL K!Dzzzzz right?

As much as I wanted to be put off by the Reggaetron artists questionable choices when it comes to naming his sound and his music, I can honestly say, it was a positive experience that I’m 100% sure I will never forget. The Californian based artist’s Lo Fi approach to his Alternative sound was almost reminiscent of one of my much loved (if not slightly out there) bands The Gothsicles with their almost EDM style. Yet, nothing could quite come close to Djyololife’s style.

The experimental analogue sound, isn’t one that you’ll hear every day, so to everyone looking for a pioneeringly strange sound head on over to SoundCloud where you can hear (or should that be experience?) Djyololife’s single Th3 cOOL K!Dzzzzz.

Head on over to Facebook to connect with Djyololife.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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