DJ Tatiana Releases Her Debut Electro House Album “Extrasensory”

DJ Tatiana is an internationally acclaimed DJ who hasn’t failed to amass plenty of attention for her vibrant energetic approach to her sets since she started her career. The California -based DJ has recently released their debut album “Extrasensory” – and it was about time, after building up a loyal fan-base with over 90k followers across her Instagram she was bound for success.

It can be hard for an EDM artist to allow their personality to truly shine through in their mixes, but within each of the tracks on DJ Tatiana’s latest album, you get to hear much more than rhythm, melody, and all of the usual aural ecstasies which you expect from Electro House. Each of the 10 tracks invites you to develop an intrinsic connection with the high-octane soundscapes which throw in plenty of technical, unexpected progressions leaving you well and truly at the mercy of DJ Tatiana’s experimentalism.

You can check out DJ Tatiana’s latest album Extrasensory for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

And if you’re lucky enough to be near enough to get the chance to catch one of her DJ sets, don’t miss it. Keep up to date with all news on Tatiana’s new releases along with her tour info via Facebook.

Upcoming live dates:

EDC Las Vegas, Nevada: May 17th -19th 2019

Formula One Event, Montreal: June 7, 2019

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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