DJ SILVERDARLING’s Organic Offering of Jazz Soaked Deep House

Even as an avid Deep House fan, it can hard to be find a mix that is truly distinguishable, organic, and just simply as jaw dropping as DJ SILVERLARLING’s latest mix YOU ARE JAZZ BAM RIGHT. His latest mix is an offering of globally-inspired high-vibe euphoria, you can expect thrashings of Jazz, Latin guitar, over crashing drum rolls, piercing keys and swathes of synthesised synergy.

Funk and Soul isn’t something you would normally associate with the genre, but DJ SILVERDARLING has taken care of that with his blinding instrumental arrangements to create one of the most vibrant tracks I’ve ever heard. The energy contained within the chaotic ensemble is almost surreal, it’s almost a futile endeavour attempting to dissect the sound.

So, if you like your beats as hot as acid rain you can check out DJ SILVERDARLINGS blissfully explosive Sick Mix of YOU ARE JAZZ BAM RIGHT over on SoundCloud.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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