Dizmation’s new single ‘Render’ is a heartfelt electronica-laden exploration


Irish-based producer and musician Dizmation has released his melancholically inspiring new track ‘Render’. 

Echoes of Thom Yorke’s first forays into the solo musician sphere become increasingly apparent as ‘Render’ rides to its completion. ‘Render’ is a soulful, downtempo electronica-infused track with some neatly arranged vocals from Dizmation and its ability to create a melancholic, indie-vibing atmosphere is very apparent. 

‘Render’ picks up steadily as it progresses, helping harmonise Dizmation’s mournful vocals with some throbbing bass lines underscoring the moody-yet-optimistic overtures. It’s a track definitely worth putting on a solo-walk playlist and is masterfully produced with each frequency popping in just the right way. 

You can listen to Dizmation’s ‘Render’ on the artist’s Bandcamp account here. 

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