Disraeli Dreamers Release “Little Lie”

Just one listen and it’s clear “Little Lie,” is a relentless genre evolving treat, it’s three and a half-minute explosion of guitar riffs, powerful drum cadences, and pure rock and roll. The lead singer is surprisingly powerful throughout the entire song with sporadic moments of climatic magic. His voice carries with little no studio effects aside from a faint reverb.

I love the feel of this track; the music is a powerful definition of rock and roll. The background vocals blend perfectly and rival some of the more prolific bands of our time. The interplay between vocalist and the guitarist is simply amazing.  This track is a lyrical confession, bursting with manic percussions, and abrasively controlled riffs; it’s a sweet palate cleanser to a genre that can easily become bland and predictable. A solid listen from beginning to end.

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