Dionne Blaize – Intoxicated: Timelessly Anthemic EDM

Dionne Blaize may not have created anything all too prodigal with her latest single Intoxicated, instead she created something timelessly anthemic. The up and coming Soul-inspired vocalist layered her overwhelmingly resounding vocal talent over a high-vibe Dance House mix for the ultimate rapturous effect. There certainly aren’t many artists around on the scene today putting out her rare mix of Soul and euphoria which has the ability to take you right back to the nineties. It’s clear that Dionne is an artist creating music with the pure agenda of giving people soundscapes which can make them just as euphoric as the mix. Even the lyricism to Intoxicated serves to amplify the momentum behind the beat, if by the time the track fades out you don’t feel like an absolute queen, you may have to hit repeat and listen to the harsh hits and drops around one of the strongest voices in EDM I’ve heard this side of 2005.

You can check out Intoxicated as well as the other eleven tracks from Dionne Blaize’s latest album Contagious via Spotify now; it may just prove to be the most infectious Dance mix you’ve checked out this year.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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