Dinny Skip May Be The Outlandish Genius We Need In The World Of Music!


A true disruption in the Indie music world, “About A Bot” is a completely wild, quirky, and outlandish song that is very unique to say the least. An electronic pop song with rapping, plenty of synthesizers, and a sequenced horn section. This might be just the fun, playful, and joyous sound that 2018 needs!

“About A Bot” has a pretty cool story within the lyrics. A guy who keeps constantly being rejected by normal human girls decides to build a robotic girlfriend and programs her to love him. The selling point in this song is in the sheer absurdity of it! Where else are you going to find an electronic pop/rap song about a rejected guy who builds a robotic girlfriend? You’re not! Not even the wild ‘80s music scene offered this kind of song!

As difficult as it may be to take Dinny Skip seriously with “About A Bot”, it wouldn’t be too far fetched to argue that Dinny Skip may actually be quite the genius in his endeavors. You will find yourself talking about this one, whether you know it or not!

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