Dilla Rogue – When the Bad Things Happen

After hearing the first few notes to Dilla Rogue’s latest single When the Bad Things Happen you know you’re in for a reverberant treat.

Yet, as I expected a Lo Fi Indie track to unfold, suddenly, I was hit by one of the most resounding female voices I’ve discovered since Lady Gaga sweetened the soundwaves. Dilla Rogue’s vocals are a rare and perfect mix of sultry soul and antagonistic bite which puts an overwhelmingly empowering aura behind her music.

With When the Bad Things Happen Dilla’s vocals rest above the solid reverb of the electric guitar and synth as the track progresses; the amount of harmony which hits you is bordering on haunting is just the cherry on the melancholic cake. There aren’t many artists who have the ability to envelop you in the emotion behind the music as succinctly as Dilla, the up and coming songstress has a way of speaking to you directly. Or was that just me? You can check out Dilla Rogue’s latest single When the Bad Things Happen out for yourself by heading over Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vanderast

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