Dilemma Season – Tamed: An Existentially Creative Indie Alt Rock Sound

I’ve never in my life stumbled across an artist whose name so perfectly illustrate his sound. Dilemma Season has created an existentially creative new sound with his new Indie Folk Rock track Tamed.

The upbeat jangle of the guitar against the pensive lyrics may have been the Smiths and the Wedding Presents staple sound. Yet, it’s one that has never been as beautifully spliced against Folk roots, that was until Dilemma Season came along and knocked it out of the park with Tamed.

The hook, almost takes command of your lungs as you wait for the rush from the build up to breathe animation back into you. The Dilemma Season’s fractured vocal style is absolutely adorable, and not that many people can successfully pull off that sound. Throughout the progression of the track, his vocals pick up some raucous momentum, it’s as though you can see his essence amplify with every bar of the song. Well, I’m sold. How about you? You can check out the Alternative rock track Tamed on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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