Digital Garden Party – Sanctuary: The Grittiest Pensive Electro Indie Outfit on The Scene Today

Sanctuary is the highly evocative latest track by Digital Garden Party, the track quite literally made the hairs on the back of my neck stand to attention and almost demanded my eyes to tear up.  I can genuinely say that without a hint of exaggeration. The poignantly soulful Alternative Indie Electro track is an absolute emotional rollercoaster around the resonance from the reverberated guitar. The track combines all of the hype of Electronica-minded acts such as M83, PEACE and Alex Cameron. Instead of using the usually a bit too squeaky vocal style to bring the pensive lyrics to life, they utilise Luke James grittily soulful gruff melancholic charms. I adored how Digital Garden Party managed to keep the instrumentals sharp around the synth beats to maintain the harsh snares of the drum as they rattle under the soaring guitar riffs. It’s an absolute mystery why Digital Garden Party hasn’t been snapped up by Rough Trade records yet.

Listen to Digital Garden Party’s latest track Sanctuary on SoundCloud now and tell me that isn’t the most beautiful track this year:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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