Digital Array – Take A Pill: Anthemically Accessible Alt Rock

When you hit play on a track such as Digital Array’s recent release ‘Take a Pill’ and you’re greeted by such an accessibly familiar sound it’s hard for an Alt Rock fan not to feel at home. The 00s and 90s were a pivotal time for the genre, yet emerging artists in this decade have an unenviable task of grabbing attention amongst the other artists who sound staggeringly familiar to Muse and Placebo. Yet Digital Array still managed to stand out from the rest of their contemporaries thank to their experimentalism when it comes to infusing even more energy into their hits. The melodies flow at a chaotic pace, allowing the bassline hooks to pierce through you as the progression rolls through the sludgy high-octane emotive track before winding it right back, with a genius use of spatial effect before the cataclysmic drop of reverb-heavy guitars.

You can check out the raucous delight which is Take A Pill for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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