Different To The Rest: Wesco sets his own trends with ‘Rare Blend’

Following on from his first release called ‘World of Optimism‘ from late 2020, Wesco is back with a new single about showing us that he is rather distinct to the trend-following copycats out there who cry over spilt milk with the swag-packed ‘Rare Blend‘.

David Wesco aka Wesco is an underground rapper who has opted to keep his location hidden for the time being.

We find an introspective soul in full voice here who makes a raw blend of hip-hop – that is loaded with vividly told stories about making it – in this harshly populated dog-eat-dog world and lets us know that he is for real.

As glances around the corner with his clean shades on tight, Wesco makes his move and isn’t too concerned about what anyone else thinks. There is much smoothness in his voice and he sounds so calm, with that collected mentality that has kept him away from any needless issues that can pop off at any moment if you surround yourself with the wrong people. This is the vital message of independence that is marked by a consistent beat, which appears to suit this assured message completely.

Rare Blend‘ from the raw indie rapper Wesco, is that mixture of hardcore flows that slices through the naked speakers and catches your attention quickly. This is a statement track from a trend-supplied artist who shows us what his purpose is. Looking for greatness and avoiding the traps that so many get their souls clenched into, is the only mission that he is interested in. Sometimes in life, you need to be so focused – that you refuse to fit it anywhere else – as you conquer those lofty goals that you are so convinced you can obtain.

Stream this fiery new single on Soundcloud and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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