Different Hairstyles Every Tuesdays: Zonjjy tells us his story as he shows us that signature poise with ‘Trust Me’

With the substantial local support that only serves to help him grow stronger, Zonjjy shows us his cult status with a tale all about feeling in control and bringing his lover with him to the top on ‘Trust Me‘.

Zonjjy is a UK-based indie singer-songwriter, music producer, and rapper who tells us real-life stories that have only made him more self-enlightened after previous issues that threatened to sink him down forever.

With his confidence at an all-time high as he guides us into his city, Zonjjy is at his original best on a track that will probably be stuck in your head for days on end.

Trust Me‘ from the UK-based rapper/singer-songwriter Zonjjy is a likeable release from an underground artist who has had to claw his way to where he is today. With his country on the edge and his ears to the street, you feel like he is leading us into a world that is actually transpiring right before our ever-watching eyes. This is the time to build up and take your chance, as you brush away the past and move into the future with that much-needed bounce in your step.

Looking up rather than down is the only journey one should take in this overly-complicated world.

See this new music video via his YouTube page and view more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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