Dexterous Folk Meets Deft Acoustic Indie

If the term indie-folk conjures a long haired guy in a wide brimmed hat waxing lyrical in depressing tones over his 12-string guitar about losing the love of his life. Or indeed a pop wannabe who has learnt just how to tug heartstrings over a working knowledge of A minor, then you need Majelen in your life. Indie-folk this may be but this is the genre done properly, walking the fine line between the integrity of folk and the cool accessibility of indie that you need to effectively pull this off.

It positively sparks with energy, is textured and wrapped in wonderful harmonies and the guitar work is both dexterous and melodic, it comes as no surprise that Helen Ashworth, the women behind the pseudonym, studied jazz guitar before heading off down this folkier line. This is the sound of modern indie folk pushing into dream-pop realms, commercial guitar playing reminding us that there are other, better, more articulate and more emotive ways of doing things.

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