Desmond The Songwriter Releases Hopeful Reggae Song ‘Rise Up’

The phrase Rise Up means a lot of things to a lot of people. It brings up feelings of revolt and revolution. It brings forth anger and pain and so much more in the conversations of today. For Desmond the Songwriter, the phrase has a greater simplicity. To rise up is simply to get further, to bring yourself higher and to be in a better state. Rise Up is a song that is honest and humble. It’s a mission statement but that mission is pure. It isn’t about us against them. It isn’t about changing the world. It’s simply about using what makes you happy and what you are good at and giving it back to the world in exchange for greater status.

Rise up is upbeat despite talks of down-to-Earth struggles. It’s a hopeful song with bright cymbal percussion and staccato keyboards. Desmond the Songwriter knows who he is and acknowledges the issues he may face in his life, but doesn’t let those worries get in his way. Music inspires him and he plans on giving that inspiration back using his musical talents. This is a song that only makes you root for Desmond and wish him the best in his journey, it’s one that makes one self-aware of their own goals. It would appear Desmond has achieved his goal of being an inspiring figure. Let’s show him the fruits of his labor and Rise Up beside him.

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