Denver Hip-Hop Artist Rumin8 releases ‘Had To B Done (Ooh Na Na)’

Denver artist Rumin8 manages to bring sounds to the R&B and hip-hop format that come as quite a revelation to those looking for a new escape route from those genres conformity. His vocal delivery wilfully wanders between song and rap, blurring the boundaries and never being quite owned by one side or the other but below these powerful salvos, something even more interesting is at work.

Instead of the usual tight clinical beats and pulsing bass lines which have become standard issue, Rumin8 blends spacey, cosmic interludes and wandering electronic, sounds which seem more in keeping with synth-pop or even progressive soul. The core sound may lead heavily towards the hip-hop and R&B end of the sonic spectrum but when you really start listening closely you realise that there is something revolutionary going on beneath.

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