Denis Coleman – Young, gifted and skilled!

If this was a song forged at the hands of any other artist, it would still be a great bit of soulful pop music. It is skilled and infectious, has appeal for the younger market and is deft enough to catch the older ear too. You would be rightly impressed that it is a self penned song with all vocals and instruments played by the artist themselves. Impressive enough at any age, but the fact that Denis Coleman is 13 puts a whole new spin on things. 13? That’s doubly impressive.

But thoughts of child prodigy aside It’s great to come across an artist which is beholden to neither guitar riff nor borrowed sample, that takes the keyboard approach of a previous age and uses it to create songs which are very much of modern times but generously tip their hat and acknowledge previous eras and styles. For Radio rings with everything from boy band balladry to slow burning soul to cool contemporary jazz to neo-classicism. If you think this is cool now, imagine what he will be doing in 10…or even 5 years time.

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