Delvaux – Done You Wrong: Melodically Indulgent EDM Trap

The prelude in no way prepares you for what soundscapes you’re going to be immersed in in Delvaux’s single Done You Wrong. For a start, I’ve never actually heard anything that could remotely resemble the electronic masterpiece that the up and coming artist has cooked up.

What starts off as an EDM Pop track transgresses into a melodically bare Trap track, which has the smack and snare of the 808 beats along with the synth bleeding reverb into the mix. Yet, it’s with Delvaux’s vocal offering you’re blown away.

Considering the 21 year old artist mastered and produced Done You Wrong independently, I’m absolutely blown away. And it is not only with thanks to the perfect polish of the production, but also through his charismatically inviting approach to song writing. A lot of the time, electronically driven tracks can seem a little void of emotion but Done You Wrong was the perfect exception to this rule.

You can check out Delvaux’s single Done You Wrong from their latest album ‘INSIDE MY HEAD’ by heading on over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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