deliBass – Roll Em: Trippy Funky Downtempo Electronica

If you think the cover art is trippy, wait until you listen to the song!

deliBass is bringing the heat. “Roll Em” is a song that is packed with everything you need in order to close your eyes and lose yourself to this vortex of smooth sounds and silk transitions: He has got the Daft Punk-ish rhythm section, he throws in some sporadic Neo-Soul female vocals. He is going to plug in his 70’s electric guitar and take you on a funky trip; he is going to gently beat his tambourine as a means to spice up the song even further.

By clicking on the link to the song further below, you agree to the terms of service: This is a one-way ticket to the jazzy psychedelic land, where all the sounds of the bass guitars feel like a tender touch on your cheek. Where the sounds of the electric guitars feel like what Jimi Hendrix would be playing if he was still around and jamming and had nothing to prove, since long ago.

Experience “Roll Em

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis

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