Dedflwrs – If Flwrs Could Talk: The Ethereal Trance of Anime Ambience

If you ever wondered how to enter a blissful bubble in the short space of two minutes, here you have it. Dedflwrs new track If Flwrs Could Talk. Dedflwrs has taken melodic ambience to a whole new level. I’ve never actually thought of ‘bubbly’ as a term of endearment for music before, yet Dedflwrs has redefined the word completely. It’s almost impossible to encapsulate the pure transcendental vibes of the track in a way to accurately reflect the ethereal nature of the sound. There’s a highly innocent aura to If Flwrs Could Talk, that is pretty beguiling, it’s not everyday you stumble upon a sound like this. The purely electronic track throws a few vocal samples into the mix, otherwise it’s purely instrumental as you listen to the chime of the analog ticking away, telling you a story, taking you on a journey away from wherever you were before the start of the track. This track should go down a treat with Anime aficionados and the ambiently inclined alike.

You can check out If Flwrs Could Talk which was first released at the end of 2017 on SoundCloud

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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