Decoster – Many Ways to Celebrate the Holidays: Punchy Acoustic Folk Power Pop

Brooklyn-based artist’s single “Many Ways to Celebrate the Holidays” may have been written to take the pressure off the societal and traditional expectations of celebrating winter holidays. Yet, the track still serves as a stark reminder that it’s more than okay to defy traditions you have absolutely no obligation to follow. Contentment can always be more easily found through personal passion and inclination.

The track is made even sweeter by Decoster’s vocals which are perceptibly blessed with the ability to allow amiable charisma to bleed through; making it all but impossible not to be captivated in the narrative behind his music. As the track unfolded, the striking reminiscence to Paul Simon started to resonate through the primal African drum rhythms and of course, through Decoster’s concordantly magnetic vocals which remain pitch-perfect – no matter how far the stretch to the high notes.

You can check out Decoster’s single Many Ways to Celebrate the Holidays for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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