“Daydream” By Patrick R. Smith Is A Song That Will Absolutely Entrance You

It’s always nice to hear a song that really explores the sonic terrain it sets up for itself. Hearing instruments travelling in and out of each other with effects and ambiance can be a really nice way to vibe out and feel some abstract ways before heading back to reality. Unfortunately, tracks like that can get lost in their own ethers and lack the grounding narrative elements of singers and songwriters. Patrick R. Smith is an artist who does well to maintain the presence of your typical songwriter while getting to walk through some very interesting territories with his melodious and contemplative music.

Daydream is a song that will absolutely entrance you. While starting out as simple and somber, it slowly evolves into a very beautiful medley of typical instruments that all seem to be slightly removed from their expectation in a track. Even the vocal track begins to dance with a sudden modulation effect that blends the storyteller into his story. This combination of abstract and narrative elements makes for a song that can be both very aesthetically pleasing, but also resonating on an emotional level. It’s a song that makes you think about the nature of music itself. At least, it kept me daydreaming.

-Paul Weyer

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