David Doku drops savvy new instrumental beat that will remind you of a Post Malone track on ‘Birds in Hidden Hills’


Striding in with a bass-boosting beat that swirls within your captivated mind and gets your head nodding in anticipation, David Doku returns with a top new single that summons your spirit to that higher place you totally desire on ‘Birds in Hidden Hills‘.

David Doku is a Birmingham, UK-based indie Trap solo artist and music producer who brings forth a stylish kind of body-grooving music that sends you into a cheerful place.

Sending us into a vortex of exciting emotions that appears to sweep you into a new world loaded with limitless possibilities, David Doku projects pure class on this new single – that sends a shudder of intent that has you raising the volume – and has you calling the crew to go for a night out.

Birds in Hidden Hills‘ from Birmingham, UK-based indie Trap music producer David Doku, is a buoyant instrumental track that spells you in a way that has you looking upwards and brushing off any self-doubt that has brought you down before. There is a clean sound here that has you in a thoughtful mood to dominate your day and to accomplish anything that you have set out to achieve.

Listen up to the audio link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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