Dave Kujanpaa – COVID19: a man and his guitar

Far from any major production, recording gimmicks or studio-crafted sounds, Dave Kujanpaa picks his guitar along with some heartfelt off-the-cuff lyrics and creates an emotional and currently relevant release: ‘COVID19’.

In the shape of a folk ballad, ‘COVID19’ is an appeal for people to endure this moment, to help flatten the curve by staying safe, working together until this too shall pass. Dave can’t wait to go back outside where “the sun will shine and the little kids will play” – a message to never lose hope.

‘COVID19’ is “a man and his guitar” song, representing somebody who doesn’t need anything else but his music to communicate. It’s all very genuine!

You can listen to COVID19 for yourself on YouTube.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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